Public sails on Eleanor are available approximately one week prior to the event date.
Newport, RI

Morning Mimosa Sailing

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Morning Mimosa SailRise and Shine! Vacation is the perfect time to sip on morning mimosas and sail to see all the sights of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay! Start your day by doing some morning sightseeing sailing with a mimosa in hand and wind in your hair. This boat ride is the best sailing that Newport Rhode Island has to offer. Cruise through the water with friends and family for the perfect start to the day! You can see the sites from the comfort of one of our elegant yachts. We encourage you to bring your own picnic and let us do the sailing! Our most professional crew will cater to your every need to make this sightseeing morning cruise a memorable one for you.

Morning Mimosa Sailing on Adirondack II

Mimosa Morning Sail on Schooner Adirondack II

Join us for a Newport Morning Mimosa Sail! Rise and shine, you’re in Newport, RI. Start your day with a brisk, invigorating sail aboard Adirondack II. Feel free to bring a brunch on this early day sail – our crew completes your experience with perfectly poured Mimosas! Your first Mimosa is available for $3! Mimosa Morning Sails are the perfect way to see the sights of Rhode Island before hitting the beach or the many shops of Thames Street.

  Depart: Bowens Wharf   Boat: Schooner Adirondack II   Cost: Adult $40 to $45 |
Child (4-11) $35 | Under 4 $10

Morning Mimosa Sail on Sloop Eleanor

Morning Mimosa Sail on Sloop Eleanor

Step aboard for a Newport Morning Mimosa Cruise! Our classic morning mimosa sail is the perfect way to see the sights of Narragansett Bay. Experience Newport like you never have on a sail aboard the brand new Scarano built 48′ sloop. Smaller than the 80′ Adirondack II, this boat is just as comfortable and sails even faster than her big sister. There are only 24 guest spots available onboard the new boat. Within minutes of leaving the dock, you’ll forget the distractions of life on land, as you experience the joy of a leisurely sailing cruise. (Alcoholic drinks cost $3-$7)

  Depart: Bowens Wharf   Boat: Sloop Eleanor   Cost: Adult $40 to $45 |
Child (4-11) $35 | Under 4 $10