Schooner Adirondack IV

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Newport SailingThe Adirondack IV is the newest of the Scarano boats. She arrives in Newport at the end of June after being built at the Scarano Yard in Albany, NY. She is a knockabout schooner. She will have a traditional double gaff-rig, a design which can be reefed or shortened easily as well as handled by just two crew and a captain. The great extended cockpit design, built with guests in mind, is borrowed from the ADK II design and is perfect for public trips and private charters alike.

The spars will be carbon fiber, one of the many breaks from a traditional wooden sailboat in favor of utilizing modern technology. It will only take two people to raise the 1,400’ mainsail by hand multiple times a day. She will twin engines that will help navigating the tight docking quarters at Bowen’s Wharf, as well as provide redundancy.

Adirondack IV was built, practically, for a specific dock on Bowen’s Wharf in Newport harbor where she will operate commercially. At 90’ in length she is a blend of the traditional and the modern, built by a designer and a yard that loves classic wooden boats, and is also excited by the possibilities of new technology and loves introducing people to sailing.

Two Schooners sailing at Sunset in Newport RI with the sun casting a golden glow in the sky

Sunset Sail on a classic sailing yacht

Join us for some Newport sunset sailing aboard our newest and most elegant yacht, Schooner Adirondack IV or Schooner Adirondack II!  Experience a Newport sunset sailing boat ride on the water with us. Take in the sites of Newport’s historical waterfront with a glass of prosecco in hand. This is an evening that will be filled with fun and relaxation and is perfect for friends, family or a romantic date night idea.  Newport is known for sailing and this yacht is brand new and is sure to give you an epic sunset sail adventure.  Our captains and crew are knowledgeable in all of the history of Newport Harbor has to offer. Sail with us and take in the surrounding areas, and feel free to ask them whatever you like! While you experience the joy of a leisurely sailing cruise, you’ll see views of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. The setting sun will be the perfect back drop for your evening. (Alcoholic drinks range from $6-$7) 

  Depart: Bowens Wharf   Boat: Schooner Adirondack IV or Adirondack II   Cost: Adults $55 (age 12 and above) | Seniors $52 | No infants or kids allowed

A group of three girls talking to a crew member on the decks of schooner Madeleine for a Newport Morning Mimosa Cruise

Morning Mimosa boat ride

Join us for a Newport Morning Mimosa boat ride aboard the Schooner Adirondack IV or Schooner Adirondack II. This is the perfect way to start your day in Newport RI! Grab your friends, family or loved and and start your day with the wind in your hair and mimosa in hand.  This is a brisk, invigorating sail aboard one of our classic sailing yachts! Feel free to bring a brunch on this early day sail – our crew completes your experience with perfectly poured Mimosas! This Newport Morning Mimosa boat ride is sure to give you a memory that will last a life time. Your first Mimosa is available for $3! Mimosa Morning Sails are the perfect way to see the sights of Rhode Island before hitting the beach or the many shops of Thames Street. 

  Depart: Bowens Wharf   Boat: Schooner Adirondack IV or Schooner Adirondack II   Cost: Adult $40 to $45 |
Child (4-11) $35 | Under 4 $15

A mom and her two children having their picture taken by a crew member on the Schooner Madeleine for a Newport Afternoon Day Sail

Classic Afternoon Sail

This is one of the best Newport Day Sails in town! Join us on a mesmerizing journey aboard the Schooner Adirondack IV o r Schooner Adirondack II in Newport, RI, where each day sail unfolds as a symphony of nautical delights. As you step onto the pristine teak decks, the salty breeze greets you, carrying whispers of adventure. The crew, seasoned in both skill and hospitality, welcomes you with warm smiles, inviting you to partake in the timeless art of sailing. Feel the exhilarating rush as the sails billow and the schooner gracefully glides through the shimmering waters of Narragansett Bay, framed by the iconic Newport historical waterfront and picturesque coastal vistas. (Alcoholic drinks range from $6-$7) 

  Depart: Bowens Wharf   Boat: Schooner Adirondack IV or Schooner Adirondack II   Cost: Adult $45 | Senior $42 |
Child (4-11) $35 | Under 4 $15

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