Newport, RI


We are now sailing with both of our boats!

1 – All tickets can be rescheduled or converted to credit up until 24 hours in advance for ANY reason.

2 – Capacity is set by the State Guidelines put forth on our industry. 

3 – Each guest over the age of 2 must board & disembark with a facial mask.

4 – Each crew member will don a facial mask.

5 – Hand sanitizer is available throughout your experience with us.

6 – Contactless transactions are enabled for ticket purchase, check-in, bar purchases and tipping.

7 – High-touch points of the yachts are sanitized between every sail we operate.

8 – Guests and Sailing Excursions, Inc. crew will be turned away if they have apparent symptoms. 

Sailing Excursions, Inc. will be closely adhering to the guidelines set forth by the state of Rhode Island and gives specific guidance to our industry on how to safely operate under Covid-19 conditions. Please also note that the guidelines we adopt may be changed over time by governing authorities and we will therefore adjust accordingly. For any major changes, our previously booked guests will be notified. 


Do I have to wear a mask the entire time?

Masks are required at boarding and disembarking for all those over the age of 2. We ask that masks be worn by our guests as much as possible. To imbibe in food or beverages, you may remove your mask. This can only be done while you are in your assigned ‘zone’. Your assigned ‘zone’ is for you and your group only. If you leave your ‘zone’ a mask must be put on.

What is the air ventilation like?

All seating on the schooners is in open air on the outer decks.

How much space is between me and the next person?

This will vary based on attendees. Do note that facial masks are required by each guest, capacity is reduced by state guidelines.  At any point that social distancing guidelines encroached upon, we ask guests to put on their masks. Additionally, anytime a guest leaves their designated ‘zone’ we require that they don their facial mask.

Can we move around the boat?

Yes. You may need to use the restroom. To do so, make sure your facial mask is on and be courteous of others, creating the best case social distancing practices.

How many guests will be on the boat?

All excursions will be at the capacity of the state requirements. 

How often is the boat sanitized?

The boat is sanitized between every sail, including all high-touch points (handrails, doorknobs) and bathrooms.

More Questions?

Email [email protected]